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wonderwander is a dance performance developed specifically for very young audiences, honors the creative interests of very young children through moments of surprise, audience participation, whimsical movement, and tactile investigation of props and objects. The performance is highly non-verbal, accompanied by live music, and inspired by very young dancers.

Production Images

Production and Development Videos

Creative and Production Team

March 17-18, 2017 

In residence at the Tempe Public Library, Tempe Arizona

Conceived and choreographed by Amanda Pintore
Performed by Amanda Pintore, Sharon Caneiri, Anya Hernandez
Music composed and performed by Megyn Neff, Jordan Tompkins

Scenic and Lighting Design by Jeff Sachs 
Costume Design by Amanda Pintore

What Audiences Say...


“It’s so reaffirming to see a three year old’s movements legitimized in such an art form.” 


“At the end, he was happy, and he wanted to move more- he did not want to stop…”


“She took delight in running near the dancers, being acknowledged by them, and then running away.”


“She was very interested in the dances. ‘Who were those big girls?’ ‘Are they dancers?’”


“She enjoyed it so much. She could hardly believe she helped you compile the choreography. She was smiling ear to ear when I confirmed that some of the moves were hers.”

Conference Presentations and Professional Development Workshops

Interactive workshop at American Alliance for Theatre and Education Conference, New Orleans, LA August 2017

Interactive workshop at National Dance Education Organization Conference San Antonio, TX November 2017

Highlighted interactive workshop at International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase Philadelphia, PA January 2018

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