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Come one and all, hop over to the hall!

In Toad Hall, audience members are cordially invited to a fantastical dinner party with a family of larger than life toads! The play celebrates community through audience interaction and participation, music, and moments of multi-sensory exploration!


Toad Hall was originally presented as a part of SUNY Potsdam's LoKo Arts Festival in 2022.


Toad Hall Creative and Production Team



Emily Gilligan

Ashanae Maxwell

Sarah Wake

Production Team:

Stage Manager: Alexis Murray

Assistant Stage Manager: Avery Tromblee

Graphic Designer: J.P. Manke

Production Support by SUNY Potsdam Department of Theatre

Design Coordination by Kerfuffle

Director: Ashley Laverty

Check out the Toad Hall virtual program!

Production Photos

Play Development in Potsdam! 

Kerfuffle develops all of their work in direct partnership with children to better understand what engages, interests and delights them. Children of Potsdam, New York and the surrounding communities were invited to participate in free creative drama workshops to help Kerfuffle create Toad Hall. 

Play Development Workshop Photos

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