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During the Play

A Kerfuffle play is what's known as a relaxed performance. We want children to be comfortable and feel free to share and express their emotions during a play.


Our audiences are not expected to stay in one spot or to keep their voices down.

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to help children have a positive experience during the play

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Sit Where You're Comfortable

Some children like to be up close. Some like to be in the back. We only ask that if there is a white rope on the floor, you stay behind it.


Children are free to express themselves with their words. However, if you believe your child may be disrupting others, reassure them that you heard them and validate what they're expressing. It will do a lot better than shushing.

Take a Break

Your child is free to move and dance in their own space. But if your child is restless, feel free to take them away from the space and move around. For the safety of others, we ask that parents take their child away from the audience area for these breaks.

Cry it Out

If your child is crying, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. You may console them in the audience or you can take them into another room or further away from the performance. You may return to your spot at any time.

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