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Kerfuffle's 9th season is about inviting very young children and their caregivers to come together in familiar spaces and enter new, imaginative worlds. Join us and hop aboard a magic train, journey through a whimsical forest, and get lost in a good book!

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Grab your backpacks and lace up your boots - you’re invited to join Toddler Hiking Club! This is an interactive walking play for very young children that takes place in and around nature play spaces and on trails. As audiences follow the Trail Guide, they are introduced to some friendly, silly, and musical characters who invite them to join the club through music, art, and creative drama games! Best for children ages 2-5 years old with their caregivers. 

Presented by the Chicago Park District and Night Out in the Parks

A library is a space of wonder and imagination, where you can find every story that ever has been and ever will be. But what goes on Beyond The Bookshelves?


Bookworms is an original, highly visual and multi-sensory performance combining storytelling, movement, and puppetry. As audiences are welcomed by The Storyteller into a typical library story time, something strange starts to happen. The stories are not how The Storyteller remembers them! The mischievous bookworms take audiences to Beyond The Bookshelves where they help restore the stories.

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