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Goose and Gert

Gert just wants some peace and quiet. Goose just wants a friend. Created for very young children, Kerfuffle’s “Goose and Gert” is a playful, silly, and whimsical play in the park that explores friendship, opposites, and noise! Featuring live music, it is best enjoyed by children ages 2-6 years old with their families.

Production Images

Production History


July 10-26, 2021

Presented in partnership with Night Out in the Parks Chicago and with support from the Illinois Arts Council. 


Goose: Shea Lee

Gert: Alexis Willis

Georgette: Sophie Vitello

Stage Manager: Amelia Seidel

Costume Designer/Coordinator: Izumi Inaba 

Scenic Designer/Coordinator: Jeff Sachs

Director: Ashley Laverty



June 15-30, 2019

Presented as a workshop co-production with the Omaha Theater Company at The Rose Theater, Omaha NE


Performed in Elmwood, Gifford, and Miller Parks, Omaha NE



Goose: Kumiko Adachi

Gert: Carina DuMarce

George: Adam Sherrerd


Directed and Written by Ashley Laverty

Costumes and Scenic Elements provided by The Rose Theater

Developed with young people at the Rose Theater summer camp, "Things That Honk", June 2019.

Teaching Artists: Ashley Laverty, LaDareon Copeland

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