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Using live music and movement, Nested explores family and separation. Inspired by the 2018 US administration's actions towards refugees, Nested takes place in and around a large nest, which belongs to a creature. When a stranger enters the creature's space, they are asked to reconsider what it might mean to be a 'good host'. Nested invites audience members to consider what the word 'home' might really mean. 

Production and Development Images

Creative and Production Team

December 7-15, 2018

Presented in partnership with the Union for Contemporary Art, Omaha NE


Directed by Ashley Laverty

Assistant directed by Hayley Greenstreet

Devised by the ensemble

Performed by Leah Cardenas, Paige Garcia Cotignola, Rodney Conyers Jr., Samantha Zarders

Costume Design by Jessica Burrill-Logue 

Nest Design and Construction by Rebecca Harrison

Teaching Artists: Hayley Greenstreet, Danysha Ligon, Ashley Laverty

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