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Preparing for a Play

We try to make attending a play with a child as easy as possible. Here are some tips of how to prepare beforehand so that you can focus on having a great time with your child.

See the Show Page

The first step is to learn more about the show you want to see. At the top of our webpage, go select "Our Shows" and "Up Next." Click the show that you would like to see. There you will find important information such as:

  • Performance Dates

  • Performance Venue

  • Ticket Registration Information

  • Show Description and Runtime

  • Special Notes

Pre-register Your Attendance

On the show page, if tickets are available, you will see a link to pre-register. Click that link and follow the directions to pre-register. Many Kerfuffle plays are free of charge, but we still ask out audiences to pre-register so we know to expect you.

Make sure to add the show information to your calendar

You will receive a reminder email a few days before your performance.

Prepare Your Child

The first time seeing a play can be a very joyful moment for a child. The following are tips to set your child up for success.

parent reading to child.jpg

Share the Story

Read the show description to your child. Ask them questions about what parts they are excited to see.

happy girl child with snack.jpg

Take Care of your Child's Needs

Make sure your child is fed, hydrated, and has used the bathroom before the play.

parent and baby sitting on blanket outsi

Special Preparation

Check the show page for any additional preparation. Our outdoor shows might require you to bring a blanket or chair or to be prepared to walk around.

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